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This page was adapted from an e-mail received by the Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League on 11 April 1999.
Copyediting, HTML coding, and formatting were performed by Matt Wallace, AAPL founder/webmaster.
Copyright 1999 by Randall M. Jones. All rights reserved. Used with the permission of the author.

An Open Letter from a Pro-Life Atheist

Dear Sirs,

Below is a letter I sent to several sites, which is a version of what I send to pro-abortionists. Please feel free to make copies or duplicate this letter to send to anyone you wish. Please be sure to give me credit for my work.

Dear Sirs,

Most anti-abortion sites offer to send you "free information and a church bulletin" or a Bible. As an atheist, I'm not impressed, and I don't want that stuff. More importantly, how are you going to convince an atheist of anything if you use a source that he does not accept or worse considers it a hoax? I am an atheist and opposed to abortions for the following reasons:

1. Even if someone believes that abortions are acceptable, then at least consider this:

A. Most of the abortion methods are cruel, extremely inhumane, and very painful for the fetus/baby.

B. If you intend to kill the fetus, then do so in a humane way. If the equivalent methods of abortion were used to kill animals at the dog pound, the ASPCA and other animal groups...well, you get the idea.

C. The dangers associated with abortions are not explained clearly. Though most people believe that abortions are completely safe, there are many dangers physically and psychologically (infection, infertility, bleeding, depression, and suicide, just to name a few).

2. Abortions go against my belief in liberty and justice.

A. Liberty to choose for one's self requires that, as free individuals, we are responsible for our actions and the consequences thereof.

B. Justice is when you get what you deserve.

3. A woman should have the right to do with her own body what she wishes, but when she does what she wants to do, and as a result becomes pregnant, she has done what she wanted to do with her own body. However when she goes for an abortion, she is doing something to someone else's body.

4. What has the unborn done to deserve death? NOTHING! It is not at fault for anything including its own existence, and yet it is expected to pay with its life with no trial, no jury, and no say in what happens to it.

5. Every one knows that sex will result in a pregnancy, so sexually active people (and everyone else) should be responsible for their own actions unless they are not free. Freedom carries with it a requirement that you must accept responsibility for your own actions.

6. Pro-abortionists say: "If you don't like abortions, then don't have one." My response to them is: "That is a great logical process; you just changed my mind; I think I'll apply that to the rest of my philosophy and change my opinions about everything else too..."

"If you don't like slavery, then don't enslave anyone."
"If you don't like rape, then don't rape anyone."
"If you don't like murder, then don't murder anyone."
"If you don't like theft, then don't steal from anyone."
"If you don't like lies, then don't lie to anyone."
"If you don't like sexually transmitted diseases, then don't transmit one."
"If you don't like terrorism, then don't bomb anyone."
"If you don't like animal cruelty, then don't be cruel to one."
"If you don't like oppression, then don't oppress anyone."
"If you don't like arson, then don't burn the property of anyone."

As you can see this type of thinking is anarchy, at it's worst. Basically it says: "Shut up and let me do what I want; I don't care how it affects anyone else; I just want to do what I want to do." It is very self-centered and childish.

7. Most atheists do not see anything wrong with abortions and will not give you the time of day once you mention god or one of the many "holy" books that religious people believe in.

8. Another claim by abortionists is that the fetus is part of the woman's body and has no more concequences than removing some unwanted flesh. My response to that is: "If you smash your hand in a car door who feels the pain? You do! No one else, not your friends, your father, nor your mother. That PROVES that YOU ARE A SEPARATE HUMAN BEING, because you feel your own pain. If the fetus feels it's own pain, then that would make it a separate human being too."

Please feel free to use my logical arguments to help stop abortions. Please be sure to give me credit for my work.

Thank you for your time,
Randall M. Jones

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